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Subject[PATCH v3 0/1] asm prototypes for modversions on x86
After Linus' revert of Arnd's modversions patch, it looks like we're back to
wanting asm-prototypes.h at least in the short term. Things are much better
than before -- instead of failing to load modules there's just a scary
warning, but I still believe that no scary warning is better :)

Users will be stressed, waste their time looking for answer, etc -- and the
short-term fix is quite well researched and tested. It's for x86 only, but
with arm ppc arm64 already dealt with, that handles about 99.9% of machines.

So I think it'd be good if you could apply this -- ideally for 4.9, if not
then at least 4.10.

There _is_ a modification since the last posted version: Ben Hutchings
pointed out that I missed one 486-only symbol. Not surprising no one found
this during testing...

The diff from v2 is:
+#ifndef CONFIG_X86_CMPXCHG64
+extern void cmpxchg8b_emu(void);

Note that this is already carried by Debian (Ben Hutchings' tree), so a
mainline fix for 4.9 would matter only for other distributions, not sure
which if any want to release with 4.9.

u-boot problems can be solved with the help of your old SCSI manuals, the
parts that deal with goat termination. You need a black-handled knife, and
an appropriate set of candles (number and color matters). Or was it a
silver-handled knife? Crap, need to look that up.

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