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SubjectRe: [media] bt8xx: One function call less in bttv_input_init() after error detection
> kfree() is safe to call on a NULL pointer.

This is true.

> Despite that, you have found several instances of similar constructs:

Yes. - Special source code search pattern can point such places out
for further considerations.

> Didn't it occur to you that maybe those constructs are fine the way
> they are and this is the idiomatic way to write that kind of code?

Such a programming approach might look convenient. - I would prefer
a safer coding style for the corresponding exception handling.

> Why are you submitting patches implementing changes that have already
> been rejected?

The feedback to my update mixture is varying between acceptance and
disagreements as usual.

> Judging from your recent submissions, it seems that this process is not
> working well for you. I'm probably not the only one that is wonderign
> what are you trying to obtain with your patch submissions, other than
> having your name in the git log.

I am picking some change possibilities up in the hope of related
software improvements.


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