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SubjectRE: [PATCH v9 0/8] thunderbolt: Introducing Thunderbolt(TM) Networking
> Here are a couple of additional questions:
> - When the network interface is created, there is no IP address
> assigned (or negotiated ?) on the Linux side. But it is done on the
> MacOS side. And in the Linux kernel logs I can also read the message:
> "ready for ThunderboltIP negotiation". Is there something missing or
> not working on the Linux side ? What is the correct way to configure
> or negotiate the IP address. For my tests I did it manually...
> - When the Linux machine is started with the Thunderbolt wire already
> connected to a MacBook Pro, sometimes (but not every time) the
> network interface is not created. The Thunderbolt wire needs to be
> replugged.
> FWIW you get my
> Tested-by: Simon Guinot <>
> Simon


Since I also performed testing on the previous patchset, I'll share what I did.

I configured Network Manager to use the TBT interface to share an internet
connection to another box. This configures a static IP address on the local
Linux side and sets up routing.

Network manager remembers setup this in a configuration database.
When the interface goes up it will then set up a DHCP server to hand
out an IP address to the other side.

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