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SubjectRe: [PATCH v6 4/4] of/fdt: mark hotpluggable memory

On 08/11/16 10:44, Reza Arbab wrote:
> When movable nodes are enabled, any node containing only hotpluggable
> memory is made movable at boot time.
> On x86, hotpluggable memory is discovered by parsing the ACPI SRAT,
> making corresponding calls to memblock_mark_hotplug().
> If we introduce a dt property to describe memory as hotpluggable,
> configs supporting early fdt may then also do this marking and use
> movable nodes.
> Signed-off-by: Reza Arbab <>
> ---

Tested-by: Balbir Singh <>

I tested this with a custom device tree and it worked quite well for me.
It also means that the guest and bare-metal have two different mechanisms
of marking something as hotpluggable. But given that your patch enables
all architectures using OF, it might be worth it.

Balbir Singh.

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