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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/AMD: Apply erratum 688 on machines without a BIOS fix

> Ok, Ubuntu 16.04.1 is running on the box now, no issues so far. Any
> special workload I should run?
No, will simply crash without running something special! If you get no
issues then that is bad news. I get frequent and repeatable crashes. I
forgot to mention that all those crashes occur at program launch. If the
program launches, it does not crash. Unfortunately with Ubuntu it is not
possible to keep oopses from the error report program. On the laptop we
have a Debian installation, I will switch to it and get crash
information there so that we figure out why it behaves that way. Besides
that, I have some more tests to do but I am running out of ideas so I
might not be able to help you more on it as my laptop appears to be
really broken! Poor performance might be the result here and not the
cause of my issues. The 688 fix just makes the system respond better. As
far as I am concerned, I do not wish any module options for turning on
the fix. I would prefer to use DMI maching for this specific machine and
thus having the fix automatically.

All subsystems of the laptop appear to be good(RAM has been tested and
the HDD has passed our test). There is a sound issue on the HDA but such
issues are common on most laptops and will be dealt soon.

> Is it a desktop system or a laptop?
I got no reply on this question so I suppose you have a desktop. Since
my APU is installed on a laptop, I expect different behaviour.
There were many intel based laptops that had fewer lanes on the DMI
interconnect bridging northbridge and southbridge. Maybe my laptop has
the A-Link in reduced mode. That could explain my performance issues. It
must be easy to verify that as all documents are available for its
northbridge and southbridge. I will check the settings of both chips

My brother has spotted a C70 board. Normally I would not buy it but it
has a better but slower(without CPB) F14 CPU and I am curious if it will
behave better like your board does. I might order it if it is still

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