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SubjectRE: [RESEND PATCH v3 kernel 0/7] Extend virtio-balloon for fast (de)inflating & fast live migration
> On 10/20/2016 11:24 PM, Liang Li wrote:
> > Dave Hansen suggested a new scheme to encode the data structure,
> > because of additional complexity, it's not implemented in v3.
> So, what do you want done with this patch set? Do you want it applied as-is
> so that we can introduce a new host/guest ABI that we must support until
> the end of time? Then, we go back in a year or two and add the newer
> format that addresses the deficiencies that this ABI has with a third version?

Hi Dave & Michael,

I am working on Dave's new bitmap schema, I have finished the part of getting the 'hybrid scheme bitmap'
and found the complexity was more than I expected. The main issue is more memory is required to
save the 'hybrid scheme bitmap' beside that used to save the raw page bitmap, for the worst case, the
memory required is 3 times than that in the previous implementation.

I am wondering if I should continue, as an alternative solution, how about using PFNs array when
inflating/deflating only a few pages? Things will be much more simple.


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