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SubjectRe: linux.git: printk() problem
On (10/24/16 21:15), Linus Torvalds wrote:
> No. Most cont lines never hit the delay, because when the line is
> completed, it is flushed (and then printed synchronously, assuming it
> can get the console lock).
> So the timeout only ever comes into effect if the line isn't completed
> in time at all. Which is actually very rare, and never happens for the
> "let's print things out in multiple chinks because we're using a
> loop".
> Similarly, if a new printk() happens due to interleaving, the previous
> buffered line is always flushed first, so buffering never causes
> out-of-order behavior.

thanks. the patch works fine on my x86 box.

> Basically, the only time the timer actually does anything is if
> something just does a printk() without a newline, and no other
> printouts happen for the next 0.1s.

ok. perhaps, like slow serial console. will test on arm board later.


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