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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/6] ACPICA: Interpreter: Improve lock order fixes
On Tue, Oct 25, 2016 at 7:20 AM, Lv Zheng <> wrote:
> This patchset improves ACPICA intepreter lock order fixes. Including
> several urgent regression fixes [PATCH 0-3].

OK, thanks!

So patches [4-6/6] appear to be cleanups and I'd prefer them to be
applied in a usual way (ie. via the upstream ACPICA).

I'd like to take the [1-3/6] as fixes for 4.9-rc3 though, but for that
I need you to tell me which mainline kernel commits are fixed by them.

IOW, what should I put into the Fixes: tags.

[In the future, if you post a regression fix, please always add a
FIxes: tag to it pointing to the commit being fixed.]

> Patches tested with customized ACPI table where _PS0/_PS3 methods are
> customized to invoke a serialized control method which creates named
> objects. When pm_async=yes, AE_ALREADY_EXISTS can be seen in suspend/resume
> process. This is an existing issue, triggered in 4.9-rc1 by ACPICA
> interpreter lock order fixes, and can be fixed by [PATCH 1] in this series.
> Lv Zheng (6):
> ACPICA: Dispatcher: Fix order issue of method termination
> ACPICA: Dispatcher: Fix an unbalanced lock exit path in
> acpi_ds_auto_serialize_method()
> ACPICA: Dispatcher: Tune interpreter lock around
> acpi_ev_initialize_region()
> ACPICA: Events: Cleanup acpi_ev_initialize_region()
> ACPICA: Tables: Cleanup acpi_tb_install_and_load_table()
> ACPICA: Tables: Add acpi_tb_unload_table()


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