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Subject[DOC] Missing completions-design.txt?

It looks like Nicholas submitted this doc a while back as patch 2/2:

"[PATCH 2/2] doc: detailed documentation for completion"

where patch 1/2 got merged as this:

202799be447b doc: brief user documentation for completion

References in the introduced completion.txt doc have pointed lost souls
at an elusive completion-design.txt:

"for details on completion design and implementation see

Since as we well know, most developers are religious readers of
documentation, presumably there are people out there waiting expectantly
for such a file to appear in their otherwise exhaustive Documentation/.
Can you help such lost souls out?


P.S. I haven't actually read the design doc that closely yet. Who would
trust such a random patch off the archives, after all? So just removing
the mention of this file might be a satisfactory solution.

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