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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/4] ARM: K2G: Add support for TI-SCI Generic PM Domains
Dave Gerlach <> writes:

> Hi,
> This is v2 of the series to add support for TI SCI PM Domains. v1 of
> the series can be found here [1]. Several things have changed since v1:
> - New patch to add a void *data to struct generic_pm_domain_data to
> allow to store per device data associated with a genpd
> - From v1, squash patch 1 and 2 to introduce docs and dt-bindings in
> one patch based on comment from Ulf
> - Fix some grammar errors in Documentation
> - Based on comments from Ulf, rework actual genpd implementation to
> avoid creating one genpd per device and instead use device start/stop
> hooks provided as part of genpd to control device state based on pm_runtime
> implementation. Also make use of new of_genpd_add_provider_simple API
> introduced by Jon Hunter and do not provide custom of_xlate to genpd core,
> instead registering devices as they probe through attach_dev hook provided
> by genpd framework.
> Most of the changes were motivated by the comments from Ulf Hannson on v1 that we
> should not use a 1-to-1 genpd to device mapping. The new approach allows us to
> create a single genpd and store information about each device as they attach to
> the genpd. Then the device start/stop hooks for that genpd leverage the
> per-device data to control power states over the TI SCI protocol.
> This driver makes use of the ti_sci driver sent here [2] by Nishanth Menon and
> applies on top of his series on v4.9-rc1.

Reviewed-by: Kevin Hilman <>

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