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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 11/14] MIPS: Malta: Use syscon-reboot driver to reboot
Hi Paul,

> > This has broken reboot support, all I get now is:
> >
> > reboot: Restarting system
> > Unable to restart system
> > Reboot failed -- System halted
> >
> > at which point I need to issue a serial BREAK to regain control of the
> > board and get back to YAMON; fortunately the board is wired for that.
> This was already reported over here:
> These 2 patches fix it:

Thanks, good to know and sorry to raise a late alarm then.

As it happens the board I've been fiddling with has been temporarily
sitting idle, so I went ahead and verified that these changes have indeed
removed the regression in my configuration. So you've got a confirmation
from a real Malta hardware user now too (QEMU may have its own quirks).

> I've asked Ralf if we can get those, along with a few others, in ASAP -
> preferrably for -rc3.

As these are fixes to a functional regression I also recommend merging
them ASAP.


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