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SubjectRe: The downside of math::

> I'd like to refine: Do not add non-trivial hard dependencies. Do not
> add dependencies the lack of which make large parts of generated
> documentation useless.
> Graceful degradation on unmet dependencies is the key here.


> Give a build
> warn about missing dependencies. Try to do something sensible without
> the dependency. For extension directives, all else failing, embed the
> raw directive block contents using in the output, possibly
> accompanied
> by a reStructuredText admonition block [1]. For the math and diagram
> directives, I think this would work just fine.

All of that would be easy to achieve with something like the dummy
plugin I posted the other day :)

But yes, I also agree that we shouldn't add any dependencies where the
input isn't suitable as a fallback, since that also means that the
input is going to be difficult to read and write in the source, which
should remain a reasonable way to read things as well.


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