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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86/AMD: Apply erratum 688 on machines without a BIOS fix

> In any case, I tested it on my ON-B0 box and it looked good.
Good to hear but something is still wrong on my laptop as nothing worked
as expected :(

Since I have a working custom kernel including the fix from my original
patch it was clear from boot that the last patched kernel did not touch
the MSR we want to modify at all. The machine was slower compared with
my kernel using the original patch. As I use the show_msr option, a
quick look at the dmesg proved that easily. Nowadays that processors
have many cores, I wonder if the kernel should report which CPU MSRs are
displayed at dmesg.

Take your time to see what is wrong, we already have one working kernel
for our machine :)

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