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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/5] Add support for legacy SCPI protocol
Sudeep Holla <> writes:

> On 19/10/16 16:59, Kevin Hilman wrote:


>> Sudeep, will this be an immutable branch? (or could you put a tag at an
>> immutable place on this branch?) I'd like to include this in my amlogic
>> integration branch for broader testing.
> If you plan to test SCPI(which is enabled in defconfig), then you need
> all the patches in the branch[1]. I will tag once I get a build success
> from kbuild robot and I do some testing. In short, immutable tag = PR
> tag IMO. The only thing I can drop from the list is DT bindings patch.
> Let me know if you are fine using the same tag ? Or you can propose any
> other alternative, I am fine by that too.

I'm currently using your scpi-updates/for-next branch, so a tag at (or
near) there should be fine after you've validated it.



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