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SubjectRe: [PATCH 6/8] IB/hns: Replace counting semaphore event_sem with wait condition
On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 10:46:45 AM CEST Binoy Jayan wrote:
> Thank you for replying for the questions. I''ll look for alternatives
> for patches 6,7 and 8 and resend the series.

Ok, thanks!

I also looked at patch 8 some more and noticed that those four
functions all do the exact same sequence:

- initialize a mlx5_ib_umr_context on the stack
- assign "umrwr.wr.wr_cqe = &umr_context.cqe"
- take the semaphore
- call ib_post_send with a single ib_send_wr
- wait for the mlx5_ib_umr_done() function to get called
- if we get back a failure, print a warning and return -EFAULT.
- release the semaphore

Moving all of these into a shared helper function would be
a good cleanup, and it leaves only a single function using
the semaphore, which can then be rewritten to use something

The existing completion in there can be simplified to a
wait_event, since we are waiting for the return value to
be filled.


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