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SubjectRe: WANTED new maintainer for Linux/md (and mdadm)
On Tue, Jan 05 2016, Shaohua Li wrote:

> Hi Neil,
> Thanks for all the efforts! We will definitely miss you and fortunately you
> won't completely quit from MD :). I'm very interested in helping maintain MD. I
> have been working on MD for several years. My employer (facebook) supports me,
> so I have time being a maintainer too.

Hi Shaohua,
as you are one of the more active developers of MD at the moment, this
probably affects you more than many others and your willingness to
contribute more is certainly welcome.

The first question is where do you send your patches to get the
appropriate review and upstream acceptance. Alasdair or Mike (DM),
Jens (Block), Andrew Morton (anything) and Linus (everything) are all
defensible choices for upstreaming (I've submitted through Andrew in
the past, but through Linus exclusively once I figured out git). That
is really something you and they would need to negotiate though.

I plan to submit a pull request to Linus for the 4.5 merge window
and then stop queuing patches. I will still review your journaling
patches but will likely reply with "Reviewed-by" rather than "applied,
My intention is to only look at other patches if they already have an
independent "Reviewed-by", but it remains to be seen how strongly I
stick to that intention.

If you have specific questions about anything (md internals, git
work-flows, whatever) do feel free to ask.
I am trying to write some comprehensive documentation on the internals
of MD - though it is slow going. Once that is mostly done I'll make it
available and it should at least serve as a good structure in which to
place answers to further questions.

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