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SubjectRe: Nokia N900: Proper C-states
On 01/02/2016 03:26 PM, Pali Rohár wrote:
> Hello,
> due to this Daniel Lezcano commit (ARM: OMAP3: cpuidle - remove rx51
> cpuidle parameters table)
> we need patch cpuidle34xx.c code to fix commit for Nokia N900. See:
> As Nokia N900 code is converting from legacy board code to DST, I would
> like to know how to patch correctly omap3_idle_driver in DTS with
> correct values measured for Nokia N900. Thanks!

Hi Pali,

the conversion to the DT based arm cpuidle driver could be a bit complex
with one issue (index 0 != cpu_do_idle()) and one performance regression
(cpu_pm_enter/exit will be called in retention mode, even if this is not

It will result in a PM code only on one side and on the other side, the
generic cpuidle-arm.c driver will be used instead with the DT
definition. It is worth to the conversion because the result will be
nice IMO.

Added Lorenzo who is initially author of the arm generic driver. We
already discussed in the past about those two issues above and I think
this is something we should improve.

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