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SubjectDMARC from google posts...

Just FYI, because postings seem to be using DMARC now,
significant segments of the internet are not receiving your postings
and instead they are all bouncing back to postmaster.

This includes all subscribers under hotmail, comcast, etc.

You may want to let google's mail group know that this is happening.
And well, I kinda expected this to happen when anyone turns on DMARC
output and checking, it makes mailing lists completely unusable.

This is generating a significant amount of boucnes every time a google
employee posts to any mailing list at vger. And I do not have too
many options of my own to address this situation. My personal choices

1) Ban posters from sites that generate DMARC.

2) Unsubscribe every site that enforces DMARC.

Neither is desirable. However, I can't let this go on for much longer
and something is going to have to give.

Given how mailing lists basically stop working as a result, I really
don't think turning on DMARC at all is a really smart idea,


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