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Subject[[PATCH v2] 0/2] Add Altera Modular ADC Driver
From: Chee Nouk Phoon <>

This is 2nd version of the patch set to add support for Altera Modular ADC and
Altera Modular Dual ADC in MAX10 device family. This patch combines two separate
patches of driver and device tree binding.

v1->v2 changes:
- update compatibility string
- update macros naming
- remove Nios2 arch dependency
- using snprintf instead of sprintf
- improve error handing
- parse resource using reg-name instead of index
- use _relaxed version of writel and readl
- remove uncessary private data


Chee Nouk Phoon (2):
Altera Modular ADC driver device binding
Altera Modular ADC driver support

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