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SubjectRe: parisc: adjust L1_CACHE_BYTES to 128 bytes on PA8800 and PA8900 CPUs
Hi Helge,

today's linux-next tree (next-20150903) contains commit 20f924902ff6
("parisc: adjust L1_CACHE_BYTES to 128 bytes on PA8800 and PA8900 CPUs")
which you authored.

I noticed it because we[0] are running a daily analysis on all commits
in linux-next as part of our research and our tools reported it.

In the patch, you create the following #if defined() structure in
arch/parisc/include/asm/cache.h (lines 16 and following):

#if defined(CONFIG_PA8X00)
#elif defined(CONFIG_PA20)

In Kconfig, CONFIG_PA20 is defined as the following
(arch/parisc/Kconfig, line 163):

config PA20
def_bool y
depends on PA8X00

This means that CONFIG_PA20 can and will only be enabled if
CONFIG_PA8X00 has already been enabled, which means that the contents of
the "#elif defined(CONFIG_PA20)" block can never be reached: its
condition is only evaluated if CONFIG_PA8X00 is disabled, but then
CONFIG_PA20 can never be enabled either.

Best regards,



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