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SubjectRe: fuse scalability part 1

On 09/25/2015 05:11 AM, Miklos Szeredi wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 9:17 PM, Ashish Samant <> wrote:
>> We did some performance testing without these patches and with these patches
>> (with -o clone_fd option specified). We did 2 types of tests:
>> 1. Throughput test : We did some parallel dd tests to read/write to FUSE
>> based database fs on a system with 8 numa nodes and 288 cpus. The
>> performance here is almost equal to the the per-numa patches we submitted a
>> while back.Please find results attached.
> Interesting. This means, that serving the request on a different NUMA
> node as the one where the request originated doesn't appear to make
> the performance much worse.
> Thanks,
> Miklos
Yes. The main performance gain is due to the reduced contention on one
spinlock(fc->lock) , especially with a large number of requests.
Splitting fc->fiq per cloned device will definitely improve performance
further and we can experiment further with per numa / cpu cloned device.


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