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SubjectRe: [PATCH] coccinelle: assign signed result to unsigned variable
>>> +@rs@
>>> +position p;
>>> +typedef bool, u8, u16, u32, u64, s8, s16, s32, s64;
>>> +{char, short int, int, long, long long, s8, s16, s32, s64} vs;
>> Can it matter to specify also the type modifier "signed" in this SmPL approach?
> According to my tests it does not matter.
> Btw I should replace short int, with short,

I have got an other view on such an implementation detail around
explicit SmPL specifications.

> to allow catch short intergers.

Do you assume that the Coccinelle software will handle more data type
variants for you automatically?

>>> +@@
>>> +
>>> +vu@p = vs
>>> +
>>> +@r@
>>> +position rs.p;
>>> +identifier v, f;
>>> +statement S1, S2;
>>> +expression e;
>>> +@@
>>> +
>>> +*v@p = f(...);
>> Do you try to check here if the value receiver is at the same source code
>> position from the SmPL rule "rs"?
> Yes.

I imagine that there is an open issue in this SmPL approach then.
How should a return value from a function call and a variable access
work at the same place?

> Is there better way to do it?

Do you need to distinguish source code positions a bit more with
corresponding SmPL variables?


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