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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/3] net: irda: pxaficp_ir: convert to readl and writel
Petr Cvek <> writes:

>>>> And it is true I have not tested the rootfs special case, where drivers are not
>>>> yet initialized (and more specifically gpio and interrupt chip). Your backtrace
>>>> should tell me if you fall into this category of issues ... but I digress, this
>>>> has no link with pxaficp.
>>> Should I start new thread? (same bug can be present in the FICP too)
>> Yes, this pxamci bothers me, it deserves a thread.
> Will start soon.
And I think I see your problem now :
(a) there is a regression from the commit 8c8fe97b2b8a, for which the fix is
(b) for gpio expanders, another fix is here :

The regression is on dmaengine, that's where the thread belongs I think, at
least if that fixes your issue.

>>> but STIER is not just an offset, but full register address:
>>> __REG(0x40700004)
>>> So the definition should be changed, unless there is another patch I did not
>>> received (in that case, send me full patchset again please) :-).
>> Agreed, this is a bug in this patch. With this fix, is the pxaficp working or do
>> you need a bit more time to experiment ?
> I have tried with a nasty hack (use only lower part of address, it should equal with reg offset):
> #undef __REG
> -#define __REG(x) (x)
> +#define __REG(x) (x & 0xffff)
> and it seems to work. The module inits and I am able to see IrDA traffic and
> ping other machine. FIR mode (mostly impacted by DMA) is still untested as
> magician unfortunately supports only SIR mode.
Okay, I'll add a fix in the next iteration, thanks for finding this.



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