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SubjectRe: [PATCH] ipvs:Fix locking requirements in the function ip_vs_unlink_service


On Sat, 12 Sep 2015, Nicholas Krause wrote:

> This fixes locking requirements in the function ip_vs_unlink_service
> to properly use bottom half spinlocking around the call to the function
> __ip_vs_del_service in order to meet the locking that this paricular
> function requires as stated in it's comments related to locking.

> + spin_lock_bh(&svc->sched_lock);
> __ip_vs_del_service(svc, cleanup);
> + spin_unlock_bh(&svc->sched_lock);

BH locking is not needed anymore. Also, sched_lock is
used by schedulers to protect only access to svc->sched_data

It seems the comment is outdated after
commit ceec4c381681 ("ipvs: convert services to rcu").


Julian Anastasov <>

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