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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] Fix some outdated pre-kernfs doc references
On Wed,  2 Sep 2015 14:34:51 +0200 wrote:

> sysfs-tagging.txt contains more outdated references (e.g., to various
> kobj_ns_*() functions that no longer exist), but hopefully it should be in
> a better shape than before. I'm new to sysfs internals in general.
> The configfs change is a guess that seemed reasonable.
> Ulf Magnusson (3):
> sysfs.txt: fix pre-kernfs sysfs_dirent reference
> sysfs-tagging.txt: fix pre-kernfs references

So, I sure would have rather seen a patch that actually documents kernfs
rather than just swapping a few names here and there, but so be it. I've
applied these two to the docs tree, since they make things better than
they were before.

> configfs: fix pre-kernfs sysfs_dirent reference

Not sure who handles configfs patches these days, but it's not me, so
I've not done anything with this one.



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