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SubjectRe: similar files: fusbh200-hcd.c and fotg210-hcd.c
>> Should these files be consolidated? And if so how?
> if you can find an easy way, that would be a very, very welcome patch.

Is the ideal solution to consolidate both fusbh200-hcd.c and
fotg210-hcd.c in a single module? If this is the case, how to detect
at run time which version of the hw is present? Both are registered as
platform devices and I could not find an obvious way to detect the
model at run time. I could successfully load fusbh200-hcd on my fedora
notebook (hp elitebook 840), and on a VM, even if neither has the hw
($ sudo modprobe fusbh200-hcd). The module loads with the warning
"fusbh200_hcd should always be loaded before uhci_hcd and ohci_hcd,
not after". On another workstation running ubuntu, I could load both
modules at the same time, producing the same warning for each module.
Should the module load if the device is not present?

Other solution for consolidation would be to create a common_code.c,
keeping both fusbh200-hcd.c and fotg210-hcd.c only with the code that
differ. Is this better than what is there now?

Other ideas?


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