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SubjectRe: Device Tree Blob (DTB) licence
> not true, with a proprietary bios it's a clear "pay this much money and don't 
> worry about it" while with GPL there's a nagging fear that someone you never
> heard of may sue you a decade from now claiming you need to give them the source
> to your OS.

Not really no - the number of companies who bought proprietary products,
resold them and then got sued because their supplier was cavalier is

> note, this whole discussion assumes that the DTB is even copyrightable. Since
> it's intended to be strictly a functional description of what the hardware is
> able to do, that could be questioned

I imagine you can write a DTB that is copyrightable and one that isn't.

However this is all missing one important point. Whoever wrote their DTB
gets to decide how they license it. It's nobody else's business.


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