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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] trace-cmd profile enhancements
On Fri, 8 May 2015 15:28:59 -0400
Josef Bacik <> wrote:

> I had to use trace-cmd profile to debug a regression with hhvm recently. These
> are the patches I needed to make trace-cmd profile useful to me. There are a
> few changes in here
> 1) Adding --merge to trace-cmd profile. This merges events for like comms
> together. HHVM is a huge app that spawns worker threads to handle requests, I
> needed all of this data in one place to see how the app as a whole was behaving,
> --merge provides this.
> 2) Fixup the output formatting. I also wanted to see which syscalls were taking
> the longest but this was hard because we were just spitting out the syscall
> number and it wasn't in any order, so now all the events are ordered based on
> time taken and the syscall names are printed instead of the number.
> 3) Random trace-cmd hist fix, because it didn't work right with instances.
> I've been using these in production for a couple of weeks now and they seem to
> work well. Thanks,


Thanks a lot! I really appreciate this.

I'll take a look at it next week as I have other things on my plate for
today. Ping me if I somehow forget to do so.

Thanks again,

-- Steve

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