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SubjectRe: [i915]] *ERROR* mismatch in scaler_state.scaler_id
On (05/08/15 01:27), Konduru, Chandra wrote:
> > there are no specific steps, happens during boot and every time the screen goes
> > unblank. attached dmesg, .config.
> >
> OK, I am able reproduce the mismatch scaler id log on HSW system.
> Though, this log doesn't affect system functionality, but it is an unnecessary
> annoyance. This check is targeted for SKL and shouldn't happen for HSW.
> Submitted a patch to limit the check for skl+:

jfi, the usual patch exchange happens in mailing lists.
`git am <email>' vs. `browsing some pages and downloading attached patches'.

back to the patch: no more mismatch warnings.

Reported-and-tested-by: Sergey Senozhatsky <>


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