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SubjectRe: [PATCH V6 05/10] audit: log creation and deletion of namespace instances
Steve Grubb <> writes:

> The requirements for auditing of containers should be derived from VPP. In it,
> it asks for selectable auditing, selective audit, and selective audit review.
> What this means is that we need the container and all its children to have one
> identifier that is inserted into all the events that are associated with the
> container.

That is technically impossible. Nested containers exist.

That is when container G is nested in container F which is in turn
nested in container E which is in turn nested in container D which is in
turn nested in container C which is in turn nested in container B which
is nested in container A there is no one label you can put on audit
messages from container G which is the ``correct'' one.

Or are you proposing that something in container G have labels
A B C D E F G included on every audit message? That introduces enough
complexity in generating and parsing the messages I wouldn't trust those
messages as the least bug in generation and parsing would be a security

What is the world is VPP? It sounds like something non-public thing.
Certainly it has never been a part of the public container discussion
and as such it appears to be completely ridiculous to bring up in a
public discussion.


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