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SubjectRe: [RFC v2 0/7] Consolidate ACPI PCI root common code into ACPI core
Hi Gerry,

On 2015年05月05日 10:46, Jiang Liu wrote:
> This patch set consolidates common code to support ACPI PCI root on x86
> and IA64 platforms into ACPI core, to reproduce duplicated code and
> simplify maintenance. The common code should also used to support PCI
> host bridge on ARM64 too, but I'm lacking of knowledge about PCIe host
> bridge implementation details on ARM64, so please help to review whether
> this is suitable for ARM64 too.

I like the idea and direction of this patch set a lot. :)

I will rebase our ARM64 ACPI PCI host bridge patch on top of your
patchset this week, then I will come up with more detail review
comments and test results, for now, I'm pretty busy with ACPI GIC
patches to support your stacked irqdomains :)


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