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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 0/7] arm64,hi6220: Enable Hisilicon Hi6220 SoC
Hi Bintian,

Bintian Wang <> writes:

> From: Bintian Wang <>
> Hi6220 is one mobile solution of Hisilicon, this patchset contains
> initial support for Hi6220 SoC and HiKey development board, which
> supports octal ARM Cortex A53 cores. Initial support is minimal and
> includes just the arch configuration, clock driver, device tree
> configuration.
> PSCI is enabled in device tree and there is no problem to boot all the
> octal cores, and the CPU hotplug is also working now, you can download
> and compile the latest firmware based on the following link to run this
> patch set:
> Changes v6~v8:
> This three versions only modified the clock drivers based on the
> Stephen's review advices.
> * clk-hi6220.c:
> ** Split the clock header file from clock driver
> ** Delete setting the parents clock of UART1 to HI6220_150M in clock
> driver, we can do that using assigned-clock in dts when enable
> UART1 in the future.
> * clkdivider-hi6220.c:
> ** Reuse some functions exported by clk-divider.c
> ** Remove "pr_err" and CLK_IS_BASIC flag
> ** Fix some programing style problems
> * hisilicon/clk.h: remove the "__init" markings on some funcition
> prototypes.

It's not clear what kernel this series is meant to apply to. It doesn't
apply cleanly to v4.1-rc2 (the version stated for v5) or the current -rc
(v4.1-rc5) it also doesn't apply cleanly to linus/master or linux-next.

If the series doesn't apply to Linus tree, please state clearly in the
changelog what tree it should apply to as well as any dependncies.

Also, this version is missing patch 1 from the v6 series, which adds the
Kconfig/defconfig changes. Without that patch, nothing in this series is
even compiled (clk driver or DTS files.)

So my recommendation, since the clock driver is very close to being

Please create a v9 series with *only* the patches that are not already
queued up on the clk tree[1]. That should be patches 1-3 and 7 of this
series, plus patch 1 from v6.

That series should apply cleanly to v4.1-rc1 (or a newer -rc if there
are dependencies.) In the changelog to that series, state the version
that it applies to, and also state that it depends on the clk-next
branch where the clock maintainers have queued up the driver[1].

Then all that's left is to collect an ack from a DT maintainer, and
these can be queued up via the arm-soc tree.

FWIW, I've boot tested patches 1-3 and 7 of this series, plus patch 1
from v6 combined with the clk-next-hi6220 branch[1] on my board (which
uses ATF + mainline u-boot) and all 8 A53 cores are coming up, so feel
free to add:

Tested-by: Kevin Hilman <>

to your v9 series.



[1] git:// clk-next-hi6220

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