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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] net: dsa: add QCA AR8xxx switch family support\
> > > What it requires is that for each user port, you can configure what
> > > cpu port it should use. Marvell devices have this ability, and at a
> > > first look, it seems like SF2 does as well, but i will leave Florian
> > > to answer definitively.
> >
> > That's right, such configuration happens by using VLAN_CTL in the
> > context of SF2, by default only Port <N> and CPU can talk to each other.
> > Bridging ports involving putting them in the same domain, e.g: updating
> > the VLAN_CTL bitmask to include all bridge members.
> Similar here. That would work for ar8xxx too.


I posted the patches. Comments welcome and lets try to make them work
for all device types, if they don't already.


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