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Subject[PATCH 0/3] Drivers: hv: vmbus: Make VMBUS driver NUMA aware
Implement CPU affinity for channels based on NUMA topology. Also, allocate all
channel specific memory from the appropriate NUMA node.

K. Y. Srinivasan (3):
Drivers: hv: vmbus: Use the vp_index map even for channels bound to
Drivers: hv: vmbus: Implement NUMA aware CPU affinity for channels
Drivers: hv: vmbus: Allocate ring buffer memory in NUMA aware fashion

drivers/hv/channel.c | 14 +++++++-
drivers/hv/channel_mgmt.c | 74 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
include/linux/hyperv.h | 5 +++
3 files changed, 61 insertions(+), 32 deletions(-)


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