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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/3] clk: Add regmap support for clk mulitplexer
On Thu, May 28, 2015 at 08:41:45PM +0200, Matthias Brugger wrote:
> This patch set adds regmap support for the simple clock multiplexer.
> Regmap use, apart from a pointer to the regmap struct needs an
> offset value to know where in the regmap it has to read/write.
> We add both fields to struct clk_mux.
> The driver will distinguish between a clock which is based on regmap or not
> through a flag specified for the mux.
> The approach does not break the existing clock framework API but adds two
> new functions for registering regmap clocks. Unregistering the clocks is
> independent of the use of regmap or not, so that no new function was
> implemented.
> As an example user of the regmap clock multiplexer, it was implemented on
> the mt8135. When accepted it will also be applied to the other Mediatek SoCs.
> Other possible user are Qualcomm SoCs which up to now implement their own
> regmap based clock multiplexer.

I'm all in for providing regmap support for the basic clk providers.
From digging through the archives I found out that the last try failed,
so I hesitated to implement this for Mediatek. I hope it's time to
revisit this. Using regmap would make the basic clock providers much
more versatilely usable.


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