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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] clocksource: exynos_mct: fix for sleeping in atomic ctx handling cpu hotplug notif.
On 05/25/2015 05:24 PM, Damian Eppel wrote:
> On Mon, 2015-05-11 at 13:18 +0200, Daniel Lezcano wrote:

[ ... ]

>> The code sounds very complex for what it is supposed to do.
>> Perhaps I am missing something but you have more or less the same
>> functionality than the smp_twd timers and these ones don't look so complex.
>> Could you please look at the smp_twd.c implementation ?
> Hi Daniel,
> exynos_mct.c driver looks more complex as it supports two types of timer
> interrupts - private and shared peripheral interrupts (for exynos4412
> and exynos4210 accordingly). In smp_twd.c driver I can see only PPI type
> of irqs supported. SPI and PPI irqs differs slightly in setup - thus two
> different code paths appears in the driver in initialization and
> handling of CPU notifications. The fix is addressing issue that appears
> only for hardware using SPI irqs so it is hard to compare it to
> smp_twd.c.
> BTW, If we remove support for SPI irqs in exynos_mct.c it would look
> almost the same as smp_twd.c.

Ok, thanks.

I will have a deeper look this afternoon.

-- Daniel

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