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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/5] selftests: Add futex functional tests
> >> I'm happy to do that, but I would like to make sure I'm doing the right
> >> thing.
> >
> >The right thing here is to add -pthread to CFLAGS which sets both flags
> >for preprocessor and linker (see man gcc).
> Hi Cyril,
> Thanks. I read that, and mentioned it, but my concern with -pthread in the
> CFLAGS and LDFLAGS is that it is a non-standard compiler flag. I
> understand we have a number of gcc-isms in our build - but do we want to
> add more?
> I'm also struggling to find any kind of prescribed documentation on this
> beyond the short blurb in the gcc man page which describes what this
> option does, but not when to use it. I'll need something concrete to
> justify changes to testcase Makefiles to Shuah.

Sorry to mislead you with the pointing at gcc man page.

It is a Linux standard. Have a look at pthreads manual page:

"On Linux, programs that use the Pthreads API should be compiled using
cc -pthread."

Or any pthread_foo() manual page that starts with:

"Compile and link with -pthread."

The portable way i.e. POSIX would be getting compiler flags with getconf
but as this is a Linux kernel testsuite I would not bother with that.
Hmm, and it looks like this is not implemented on Linux anyway.

Cyril Hrubis

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