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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/5] selftests: Add futex functional tests
On 05/12/2015 10:10 AM, Darren Hart wrote:
> On 5/12/15, 3:02 AM, "Cyril Hrubis" <> wrote:
>> Hi!
>>> I'm happy to do that, but I would like to make sure I'm doing the right
>>> thing.
>> The right thing here is to add -pthread to CFLAGS which sets both flags
>> for preprocessor and linker (see man gcc).
> Hi Cyril,
> Thanks. I read that, and mentioned it, but my concern with -pthread in the
> CFLAGS and LDFLAGS is that it is a non-standard compiler flag. I
> understand we have a number of gcc-isms in our build - but do we want to
> add more?
> I'm also struggling to find any kind of prescribed documentation on this
> beyond the short blurb in the gcc man page which describes what this
> option does, but not when to use it. I'll need something concrete to
> justify changes to testcase Makefiles to Shuah.
> Unfortunately, all these options are functional for me, while some are not
> for Shuah, so I'm currently having to rely on documentation which seems
> pretty sparse.

Hi Daren,

My goals are really simple. make kselftest doesn't break. All tests
compile and run and install or fail gracefully when dependencies aren't
met. As long as the above are met, I don't really worry about what
individual test Makefiles do.

-- Shuah

Shuah Khan
Sr. Linux Kernel Developer
Open Source Innovation Group
Samsung Research America (Silicon Valley) | (970) 217-8978

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