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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] adm8211: fix the possible pci cache line sizes inside switch-case
On 11.05.2015 19:48, Okash Khawaja wrote:
>> On 11 May 2015, at 14:24, Jonas Gorski <> wrote:
>> Hi,
>>> On Mon, May 11, 2015 at 12:38 PM, Kalle Valo <> wrote:
>>> Okash Khawaja <> writes:
>>>> Sure, I'll create v2 of the patch with updated commit log.
>>>> Since it's part of a patch set, do you want me to send both the
>>>> patches in the patch set together as v2 or just this patch?
>>> Please resend the whole patchset as v2, less problems that way.
>> If you are sending a v2 anyway, I'd suggest using decimal values for
>> the cases, as cache line sizes are usually given in decimal anyway. So
>> just drop the "0x" instead of converting the values ;-)
>> Jonas
> Jonas, I had already sent the updated patch by the time I received your email. Is there a convention around this?

You did everything right, just gmail decided "helpfully" they were spam,
so I didn't see that you already sent the v2.

So ingore my comment unless you need to send a v3. It's only a minor
nitpick but nothing respin-worthy IMHO.


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