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Subject[BUG] Macbook intermittent boot fail at "Switched to clocksource tsc"
Commit 7bc5a2b -- ACPI: Support _OSI("Darwin") correctly -- has
introduced an intermittent boot failure on an IvyBridge Macbook Pro 13
(MacBookPro10,2). The failure rate is around 12%. This was diagnosed
by doing a bisect with many boots for each kernel, then verifying
failure on 7bc5a2b, and then booting 50 times again with the prior
commit (9faf613) to verify that commit was ok (50 boots is necessary
to get a high probability >99% of hitting this).

Example fail:

The failure has been observed up to and including 4.0-rc7.

The Apple BIOS is MBP102.88Z.0106.B07.1501071215 01/07/2015

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