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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Enable connecting DSA-based switch to the USB RMII interface.
2015-04-21 17:51 GMT+00:00 Florian Fainelli <>:
> On 21/04/15 10:39, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>>> I would however say that sysfs is the wrong API. The linux network
>>>> stack uses netlink for most configuration activities. So i would
>>>> suggest adding a netlink binding to DSA, and place the code in
>>>> net/dsa/, not within an MDIO driver.
>>> I suppose we could do that, but that sounds like a pretty radical change
>>> in how DSA is currently configured (that is statically at boot time),
>>> part in order to allow booting from DSA-enabled network devices (e.g:
>>> nfsroot).
>> We would keep both DT and platform device. But statically at boot does
>> not work for a USB hotpluggable switch!
> Is the switch really hotpluggable, or it is the USB-Ethernet adapter
> connecting to it? If the former, then I agree, if not, I would imagine
> that there is nothing that prevents creating the switch device first,
> and wait for its "master_netdev" to show up later before it starts doing
> anything useful?
> --
> Florian

Thank you for your quick and helpful answers.

The goal of this project is to extend embeded modules without integreted
MII to add possibility to connect ethernet switch.

Current version of switch is hotplugable but this feature is not required.
In my humble opinion, hotplugable switch seems to be pretty interesting idea.


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