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SubjectFwd: Thunderbolt hotplug not working on MacMini7,1
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I have a new Mac Mini (MacMini7,1). This model supports hotplugging of
Thunderbolt on Windows 8 and above. Unfortunately hotplug does not
seem to be working for me under Linux. I get the default behavior of
devices only working if plugged in during boot.

Also, the changes made to support Darwin for _OSI seems to make it
impossible to override. This makes it hard to test if the ACPI support
for Windows 2012 will just work on Linux. I have not built a kernel
yet with Darwin _OSI patched out.

Any ideas? I think there are 2 ways forward:

1. Fix the thunderbolt code to work with this new Mac.
2. Limit the Darwin _OSI response to a whitelisted set of Mac
machines. It seems like new Macs going forward may work best with the
standard Windows 2012 response. I don't know if this method would have
advantages over #1. The obvious change might be chained hotplugging
support. I don't have a chained device to test.

For further reference:



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