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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/4]PCI: X-Gene: Add APM X-Gene v1 MSI/MSIX termination driver
On 04/21/2015 12:04 AM, Duc Dang wrote:
> This patch set adds MSI/MSIX termination driver support for APM X-Gene v1 SoC.
> APM X-Gene v1 SoC supports its own implementation of MSI, which is not compliant
> to GIC V2M specification for MSI Termination.
> There is single MSI block in X-Gene v1 SOC which serves all 5 PCIe ports. This MSI
> block supports 2048 MSI termination ports coalesced into 16 physical HW IRQ lines
> and shared across all 5 PCIe ports. As the version 5 of this patch, the total MSI
> vectors this driver supports is reduced to 256 to maintain the correct set_affinity
> behavior for each MSI.

Quick note that I have tested the previous several versions of this
patch series on several platforms and will test v6 once available with
the pending feedback addressed.


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