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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 0/3] Enable connecting DSA-based switch to the USB RMII interface.
On 21/04/15 10:39, Andrew Lunn wrote:
>>> I would however say that sysfs is the wrong API. The linux network
>>> stack uses netlink for most configuration activities. So i would
>>> suggest adding a netlink binding to DSA, and place the code in
>>> net/dsa/, not within an MDIO driver.
>> I suppose we could do that, but that sounds like a pretty radical change
>> in how DSA is currently configured (that is statically at boot time),
>> part in order to allow booting from DSA-enabled network devices (e.g:
>> nfsroot).
> We would keep both DT and platform device. But statically at boot does
> not work for a USB hotpluggable switch!

Is the switch really hotpluggable, or it is the USB-Ethernet adapter
connecting to it? If the former, then I agree, if not, I would imagine
that there is nothing that prevents creating the switch device first,
and wait for its "master_netdev" to show up later before it starts doing
anything useful?

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