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SubjectRe: [PATCH] nand: Add NAND driver for Mikrotik RB4xx series boards
On 21/04/15 16:02, Bert Vermeulen wrote:
> The NAND chip containing the root filesystem is behind an SPI-connected
> CPLD. This driver uses the spi-rb4xx driver to communicate with the CPLD.
> The CPLD also acts as a GPIO expander: the ALE/CLE/NCE pins are set via
> CPLD commands. Some LEDs on the board are also accessed this way.

The spi-rb4xx driver can be found here:

I was a bit quick to pull the trigger on this one: I have some cleanup
on the Kconfig and headers. I'll wait a couple of days to submit those,
in case anyone has comments on the code.

Bert Vermeulen

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