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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Docs: proc: fix kernel version
On Mon, 20 Apr 2015 22:48:23 -0400
Chen Hanxiao <> wrote:

Thank you for working to update the documentation! That said, though, I
have a question and a request with regard to this particular change.

> -Table 1-2: Contents of the status files (as of 3.20.0)
> +Table 1-2: Contents of the status files (as of 4.1)

That file is full of weird version numbers; is there a reason why you want
to change that one in particular? The 2.6.8-rc3 reference immediately
afterward doesn't seem more worthy of protection.

This file is dramatically out of date in general. Rather than change the
version number at the head of the list of status files, why not update the
list to match current reality? There are a lot of things missing.

Failing that, I would entertain a patch that simply removes most of the
version numbers from this file; I don't think they provide any useful
information, and I certainly don't see the value of occasionally tweaking
them forward.



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