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Subject[ANNOUNCE] autofs 5.0.10 release
Hi all,

The thing to watch out for in this release is a change made to program
map execution environments. The standard environment added at program
map execution introduced a security problem when interpreted languages
like python were used. By default, a prefix is now added to these names
to avoid the problem and, for those that wish to force the use of
names, a configuration option has been added to do that.


The package can be found at:

It is autofs-5.0.10.tar.[gz|xz]

No source rpm is there as it can be produced by using:

rpmbuild -ts autofs-5.0.10.tar.gz

and the binary rpm by using:

rpmbuild -tb autofs-5.0.10.tar.gz

See the README.amd-maps file for information about using amd format

Here are the entries from the CHANGELOG which outline the updates:

21/04/2015 autofs-5.0.10
- fix mistake in assignment.
- check for non existent negative entries in lookup_ghost().
- fix reset flex scan buffer on init.
- wait for master map available at start.
- add master read wait option.
- add serialization to sasl init.
- dont allocate dev_ctl_ops too early.
- fix race accessing qdn in get_query_dn().
- fix incorrect round robin host detection.
- fix memory leak in create_client().
- fix memory leak in get_exports().
- fix typo in flagdir configure option.
- clarify multiple mounts description.
- gaurd against incorrect umount return.
- update man page autofs(8) for systemd.
- dont pass sloppy option for other than nfs mounts.
- make service want network-online.
- fix fix master map type check.
- init qdn before use in get_query_dn().
- fix typo in update_hosts_mounts().
- make negative cache update consistent for all lookup modules.
- ensure negative cache isn't updated on remount.
- dont add wildcard to negative cache.
- add a prefix to program map stdvars.
- add config option to force use of program map stdvars.
- fix incorrect check in parse_mount().
- handle duplicates in multi mounts.
- revert special case cifs escapes.
- fix map option parsing for 'strictatime'.
- fix showmount search in
- remove obsolete comment in
- fix macro usage in lookup_program.c.
- fix gcc5 complaints.
- remove unused offset handling code.
- fix mount as you go offset selection.
- link daemon with pthread library (Debian patch).
- manpage corrections (Debian patch).
- fix manpages hyphenation (Debian patch).


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