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Subject[PATCH 0/2] Some firewire minor patches
I've written these two patches when I was searching why my old iPod
cannot be mounted on my PC.

During my investigations, I've compared the fw0 config_rom I can access from
a powermac and the config_rom I have on a PC. It appears that the big-endian
property of the firewire bus is not respected here.

Then I was able to see that the 5 first words of the iPod config_rom were
read correctly and the followings not and fail on an ack timeout.
In fact, after the 5 first words, the max speed of the device is changed
from the lowest value to the real max speed of the device, and this does
not work with my iPod. I don't know why, I suspect an incompatibility between
my firewire card and the iPod. As I'm not an expert, the only solution
I found is to allow the user to force the max device speed at firewire-core
level (in my case, force_speed is 0 -> FW100)

[PATCH 1/2] firewire: firewire is a big-endian bus
[PATCH 2/2] firewire: add a parameter to force the speed of the

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