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SubjectRe: [GIT RFC PULL rcu/urgent] Prevent Kconfig from asking pointless questions
On Mon, Apr 20, 2015 at 10:09:03AM -0700, Paul E. McKenney wrote:
> The sysfs knob might be nice, but as far as I know nobody has been
> complaining about it.
> Besides, we already have the rcutree.kthread_prio= kernel-boot parameter.
> So how about if the Kconfig parameter selects either SCHED_OTHER
> (the default) or SCHED_FIFO:1, and then the boot parameter can be used
> to select other values.
> That said, if the lack of a sysfs knob has been causing real problems,
> let's make that happen.

But then it's too late, because the time of something getting into the kernel
to the time people can use it can be months if not years.

I see no harm in adding one. Pretty much every kernel parameter I added for
ftrace, has a sysctrl knob for it. (Not a sysfs knob, but a /proc/sys/kernel
knob which is different).

-- Steve

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