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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] x86: replace cpu_up hard-coded mdelay with variable

* Brown, Len <> wrote:

> > What's the cutoff for 'modern hardware' - which CPUs stopped requiring
> > the delay?
> This is the topic of ongoing research, and I'm not ready to send
> the patch setting a new default until I've heard back from a few more HW people.
> Every system I've tested appears to work with delay 0.
> Were I to guess, I'd venture that every
> system that runs an X86_64 kernel might count as "modern" -- even
> the 2005 AMD Turion laptop I've got in the bone pile.

Could we use the apic version as a cutoff perhaps?

It would be nice to 'automatically' include modern 32-bit x86 systems
as well.

Any failure here would be relatively easy to bisect to, so we might as
well guess a bit and refine the quirk condition if needed?



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